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Our HCI lab faculty, students and staff have been leading the way in HCI research, HCI teaching and community outreach in Saudi Arabia since 2010. The lab is based in Riyadh, and members are affiliated with local academic institutions and industry. 


Our team is diverse, consisting of computer scientists, designers, engineers, social scientists, cognitive psychologists, physicians and entrepreneurs.

Principal Investigators

Dr. Shirq Almegren
Shiroq Almegren, PhD

Principal Investigator (PI)

Sharifa Alghwinem, PhD

Principal Investigator (PI)

Dr. Areej Al-Wabil
Areej Al-Wabil, PhD

Director and PI

Dr. Shiroq is a postdoc at MIT's Ideation Lab and the director of the Humanistic Co-Design program for assistive technology, CoCreate..Dr. Shiroq's background is in tangible interaction design and her interests include co-creation and participatory design with a specific focus on persons with disabilities.

Dr. Sharifa is a postdoc at MIT's Media Lab in the personal robotics group. Her background is in computer science and affective computing with a focus on sensing affective states of users via speech, gaze and body posture. Her recent work involves intelligent systems for conversational agents for health interventions.

Founder and director of the HCI Lab. Areej is an interaction designer with a passion for bringing research to life. She has worked in several research universities and has built award-winning projects in a number of HCI domains, including BCI, eye tracking and ubiquitous learning technologies for SpLDs.

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Abeer Alnafjan, PhD


Khalid Majrashi, PhD


Shada Alsalamah, PhD



Alhanouf Alolayan
Mashael Aldayel

MSc @KSU 2019

PhD Candidate

Norah Alsahly

MSc Candidate

Hessah Alotaibi

MSc @KSU 2018

Najwa Alghamdi
Nada Almohaimeed

PhD Project

MSC @KSU 2017

Nouf Alrumaih

PhD Candidate

Ashwag Alswaih

MSC @KSU 2016

Dania Alomar

MSc @KSU 2013

Wafa Alrajhi

MSc @KSU 2014

Mona Alzuhair

MSc @KSU 2016

Ashwag Alshathri

MSc @KSU 2013

Naelah Alaqeel

MSc @KSU 2015

Mashael Alsaleh

MSc @KSU 2012

Sulaf  Almagooshi

MSc @PSU 2016

Norah Aldahash

MSc @KSU 2016

Rawan Alwabil

MSc @KSU 2016

Ghada Alofisan

MSc @PSU 2016

Layla Alsalhi

MSc @KSU 2016

Shaden Alzeir

MSc @KSU 2016

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