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Summer School for HCI Research Methods 

The HCI Summer School is proposed for graduate students who are interested in a comprehensive overview of research and design methods in HCI. The summer school also aims to solidify, support and sustain the growth of the Arab HCI community and bridge connections with the global SIGCHI network.


The HCI Summer School will be held in June 24-28, 2018. Itwill include a broad range of topics relevant to the collection and analysis of HCI data, going beyond experimental design and surveys, to cover ethnography, diary studies, physiological measurements, case studies, and other essential elements in HCI researchers' toolkits.

*more information about the program will be posted soon. Topics covered in Summer School curriculum are enclosed:

  • Qualitative research methods

  • Quantitative research methods

  • Experimental research and design

  • Applications of mixed-method approaches in HCI

  • Automated data collection methods

  • Measuring Human (e.g., eye tracking, motion and position tracking, physiological tools)

  • Online and ubiquitous HCI research

  • Working with research participants with disabilities

  • Working with children and older participants

  • HCI research challenges in the Arab world 

  • Ethics in HCI research projects (overall and cultural-based) 

  • The importance of HCI remote evaluation methods in the Arab world

  • Cultural-based HCI research methods 

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